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Serra Belabre, María Luisa (1911-1967)




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Serra Belabre, María Luisa (1911-1967)Alternative forms (other languages)

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Maó (Menorca, Illes Balears, España)  1911-06-21 - 1967


María Luisa Serra Belabre was a Spanish archaeologist, historian, and archivist. She was born and studied in Mahón. She graduated in History from the University of Barcelona and started to work with Vicens Vives. In 1954 she joined the Corps of Archivists, Librarians, and Archaeologists. She managed to create a network of municipal libraries on the island of Menorca. She was appointed director of the Palace of Culture of Mahón, of the Provincial Museum, and of the Library and of the Historical Archive of Mahón.

In the field of historical research, it is worth highlighting the discovery of several early Christian basilicas. After collaborating with Joan Flaquer, she was appointed insular delegate of the National Excavation Service. In 1958 she became part of a research team led by Professor Luis Pericot in order to study the Bronze Age in the Balearic Islands. She was decorated with the Order of Alfonso X the Wise and with the Cross of Naval Merit. She was an academic at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, a delegate in Menorca at the General Directorate of Archives and Libraries and at the Directorate General of Fine Arts. In 1973 the "María Luisa Serra Prize" was created, which rewards research works.


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Maó (Menorca, Illes Balears, España) in 1911-06-21

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