Person - Abad Conde, Gerardo (1881-1936)

Abad Conde, Gerardo (1881-1936)




Preferred form:

Abad Conde, Gerardo (1881-1936)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Ordes (A Coruña, España)  1881-08-08 - Madrid (España)  1936-09-10


Spanish lawyer and professor. He spent part of his childhood in Cuba until he came back to Spain in 1889. He died in Madrid. He was awarded a degree and a doctorate in Law by the Universidad Central. In 1915 he took office as a Law and Modern Philology Professor at the Trade School. In 1925, he became the Commercial and Maritime Legislation Professor at the Trade School in La Coruña. In 1935, he was appointed professor in Philosophy of Law at the Universidad de la Laguna. In addition, he held the following positions:

Secretary of the Autonomous Republican Party of La Coruña.

Representative in the Courts of Lugo.

Mayor of the city council of La Coruña.

Minister of Communications and Minister of the Marine.

President of the Government.

President of the Board for the restrain of Jesuits assets.

Chair of the Constitutional Guarantee Court.


(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:


(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:

Deputy secretaries

Profession (carried on by):

Catedráticos de Leyes between 1925 and 1935 Obs.:  Escuela Profesional de Comercio de A Coruña.

Profession (carried on by):

Catedráticos de Derecho between 1915 and 1935 Obs.:  Escuela Profesional de Comercio de A Coruña y Universidad de La Laguna.


Mayors  Obs.:  Ayuntamiento de A Coruña.

Profession (carried on by):

Legislators between 1931 and 1933 Obs.:  Diputado en Cortes por la provincia de Lugo.

Profession (carried on by):


Profession (carried on by):

Politicians in  Spain  Obs.:  Secretario del Partido Republicano Autónomo de La Coruña. Diputado. Ministro y Alcalde de A Coruña.


Cabinet officers in  Spain between 1931 and 1935 Obs.:  Ministro de Comunicaciones y Ministro de Marina.



Cuba  Obs.:  Infancia.


Madrid (España)  Obs.:  Ministro. Diputado.


A Coruña (España)  Obs.:  Trabajo, catedrático. Alcalde.

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Ordes (A Coruña, España) in 1881-08-08

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 1936-09-10

Related Authorities

Consejo de Estado (España)  ( He/She is a member of; 1933. Fue nombrado presidente del Consejo de Estado. )

Associative relations :

Universidad Central (Madrid, España)  ( He/She is a member of; Estudiante. )


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