Person - Bonilla Bagueto, Amparo (1916-?)

Bonilla Bagueto, Amparo (1916-?)




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Bonilla Bagueto, Amparo (1916-?)Other forms

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València (España)  1916-05-11 - desconocida


Spanish dressmaker exiled in the URSS and Mexico. She was born in Valencia in 1916 in a numerous middle class family, whose economic problems forced her to quit studying when she was 13 years old. However, she studied again at the age of 16 in a sewing academy. She graduated one year later and founded an academy in her own house until the Spanish Civil War started. She worked as nurse during the war in the Military Hospital of Valencia and in "Ayuda Infantil".

She joined the Communist Party and the International Red Aid in 1936. Later on, she worked as operator in the Communist Party Central Committee. She got married in 1938 and started working for the "Ayuda al frente" organization in Barcelona. Her daughter was born in 1939 and, three days later, she moved to France, where she entered a concentration camp. Six months later, she moved to the URSS, met her husband in Rostov and began working in a tractors factory. Her second child was born there.

When the Second World War started, her husband was sent to the army and she traveled Russia, Turkey and finally Siberia. Her second child died in 1943 due to tuberculosis. She went back to Moscow to meet her husband again and worked as dressmaker for the "Unión de Mujeres Internacionales" and published some articles for a magazine called "Mujeres". She left the URSS and went to Mexico, where her family was settled. Her daughter died in 1951. She fell ill and was for some time in the General Hospital. When she got out, a track run over her and was nein months in the hospital again and eleven days in bed.

Afterwards, she continued working as dressmaker and teaching sewing. She barely was with her husband because the Party sent him to many places as trainer. They kept in touch by letter, but he finally got married in Russia in 1952. In 1954, she worked in "Austral" as manager of a wool shop. In 1959, she worked in the press office of the URSS Bulletin until 1966. In 1962, she made her first trip to Spain and, since 1966 to 1978, worked in her house as dressmaker. She decided to go back to Mexico in 1970. In 1978, she started to work in "Madero" printing of the URSS Bulletin until she retired in 1981. During the eighties, she got ready everything so she could return to Spain and finally settled in Barcelona.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939



Place of arrival:

Turkey  Obs.:  Lugar de paso en su exilio


Moscú (Rusia)



Lugar de Nacimiento:

València (España) in 1916-05-11



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