Person - Campos Arteaga, Ángeles (1912-?)

Campos Arteaga, Ángeles (1912-?)




Preferred form:

Campos Arteaga, Ángeles (1912-?)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Palencia (España)  1912-06-09 - desconocida


Exiled Spanish teacher. She was married to Ovidio Botella Pastor. Sister to José Campos Arteaga. She studied Spanish and Education in the Institute Escuela de Madrid. She went on the University Cruise organized in 1933 by the Republic where nearly 200 people, including students and teachers, spent 48 days visiting archaeological sites along the Mediterranean Coast. In that trip she met Gregorio Marañón and Ortega y Gasset. She went on that trip with her brother José Campos Arteaga. She was a teacher at the Institute Escuela de Madrid and in the Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real). She first went into exile to Bordeaux (France) with her family, where she stayed for several months. Later, she went into exile to Veracruz (Mexico), aboard the Flandre in June 1939. She travelled with her husband Ovidio and her children Ovidio and Ángela Botella Campos. Once in Mexico, she became a teacher in the Luis Vives high school and in the Hispanic-Mexican Academy. She was a beneficiary of the SERE (Evacuation Services for Spanish Republicans). Further biographical information is unknown.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939

Flandre (barco de vapor)

Description: Expedición que parte de Saint-Nazaire (Francia) y llega a Veracruz (México) en 1939

Date of the event: 1939-06-01

Location associated with the date: Veracruz (México)



Profesión (Es realizada por):



Lugar de Residencia:

París (Francia)

Lugar de Llegada:

Veracruz (México) in 1939-06-01

Lugar de Residencia:

Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real, España) in 1938

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Palencia (España) in 1912-06-09




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Botella Pastor, Ovidio (1909-1996)  - Marriage (Esta casado/a con)

Batalla Altamirano, María Dolores (1908-?)  - Collateral (Es cuñado/a de)

Botella Asensi, Juan (1884-1942)  - Collateral (Es yerno/nuera de)

Botella Pastor, Claudio (1912-?)  - Collateral (Es cuñado/a de)

Botella Pastor, Virgilio (1906-1996)  - Collateral (Es cuñado/a de)

Campos Arteaga, José (1914-?)  - Collateral (Es hermano/a de)

Marañón, Gregorio (1887-1960)  ( Es colega/ amigo de )

Associative relations :

Ortega y Gasset, José (1883-1955)  ( Es colega/ amigo de )

Servicio de Evacuación de Refugiados Españoles  ( Es titular de/ es beneficiario de/ es el presidente de )


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