Person - Barnés González, Adela (1908-2011)

Barnés González, Adela (1908-2011)




Preferred form:

Barnés González, Adela (1908-2011)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Ávila  1908-04-09 - 2011


Exiled Spanish chemist. Daughter of the politician Francisco Barnés Salinas and Dorotea González de la Calle. Francisco, Petra, Dorotea, Angela, Urbano and Juan Barnés González' sister. Married to Dr. Germán García García.

Graduate in Chemistry in 1932. That same year she obtained the Extraordinary Undergraduate Award. Between 1931 and 1936 she dedicated her time to researching in the Physics and Chemistry section of the National Institute of Physics and Chemistry. In that era she worked as an assistant professor in the chair of Inorganic Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Madrid.

The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War surprised Adela in a congress in Paris, without possibility of returning to Spain to complete her thesis. With the establishment of Francoism she was purged and had to go into exile to Mexico, entering through Nuevo Laredo. She was a beneficiary of the SERE (Evacuation Services for Spanish Republicans). In Mexico, she worked as an assistant for José Giral in the School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute. She would stay in that school until her retirement and settling in Mexico City.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939


Internal Structure-Genealogy:

Nombre de casada como viuda: Barnés González de García, Adela



Licenciados in  Spain  Obs.:  Licenciada en Ciencias Quimicas

Profession (carried on by):

Químicos  Obs.:  Licenciada en Ciencias Químicas.



México (estado, México) in 1940 Obs.:  Exilio. Última residencia reconocida D.F.

Place of arrival:

Nuevo Laredo (Tamaulipas, México) in 1940-01-10 Obs.:  Exilio. Entrada.

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Ávila in 1908-04-09




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Family relationships :

García García, Germán (1907-2000)  - Marriage (He/She is married to)

Barnés González, Ángela (1912-2010)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Barnés González, Dorotea (1904-2003)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Barnés González, Francisco (1902-1954)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Barnés González, Juan (?-1937)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Barnés González, Petra (1910-1992)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Barnés González, Urbano (1903-1993)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Barnés Salinas, Domingo (1879-1940)  - Collateral (He/She is the nephew/niece of)

Castro Bravo, María Luisa de (1910-?)  - Collateral (He/She is my brother-in-law/sister-in-law)

Barnés Salinas, Francisco José (1877-1947)  - Descendant (He/She is the son/daughter of)

González de la Calle, Dorotea (1877-1966)  - Descendant (He/She is the son/daughter of)

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Junta para la Ampliación de Estudios e Investigaciones Científicas (España)  ( He/She is the owner/beneficiary/president of )

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