Person - Barnés González, Dorotea (1904-2003)

Barnés González, Dorotea (1904-2003)




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Barnés González, Dorotea (1904-2003)Other forms

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Pamplona (Navarra, España)  1904-12-21 - Fuengirola (Málaga, España)  2003


Spanish chemist. PhD and high school professor. She was one of the Spanish pioneers in chemistry. Daughter of the politician and professor Francisco Barnés Salinas and Dorotea González de la Calle. Graduated in Chemical Sciences at the Former Universidad Complutense of Madrid. From 1928, she alternated her studies with her attendance to the headquarters of the Spanish Society of Physics and Chemistry and to the courses of the Foster Laboratory of the Residencia de Señoritas of Madrid, directed by María de Maeztu. In 1929, she was given a grant to continue her studies in Massachusetts by the JAE (Board for the Extension of Studies and Scientific Research). In 1930, she published "Algunas características químicas y del espectro de absorción de la cistina", a project which allowed her to obtain the master Degree of Science from Smith College. She was considered one of the more advanced scientist in the field of spectroscopy applied to chemical analysis, along with Mary Louise Foster and Gladys Anslow.

During the Spanish Civil War she went into exile to France. She returned to Spain in 1940, and was disqualified from teaching and did not return to research.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939



La biblioteca de Física Química Dorotea Barnés es una biblioteca especializada del CSIC y está ubicada en el Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano (Madrid), conocido también como Edificio Rockefeller.


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Pamplona (Navarra, España) in 1904-12-21

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Fuengirola (Málaga, España) in 2003


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