Andrés Bello
Person - Bello, Andrés (1781-1865)

Bello, Andrés (1781-1865)




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Bello, Andrés (1781-1865)Other forms

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1781-11-29 - 1865-10-15


Andrés de Jesús María y José Bello López (Caracas, November 29, 1781 - Santiago de Chile, October 15, 1865). Venezuelan humanist, thinker, lawyer, philologist, educator and poet. Son of Bartolomé Bello and Antonia López. Grandson of Juan Pedro López, Venezuelan painter. He studied at the "Real y Pontificia Universidad de Caracas (Seminario Santa Rosa). He participated in the education of Simón Bolívar, replacing Simón Rodriguez in this job. He worked in different administrative positions within the goverment of the General Captaincy of Venezuela. In 1810 he moved to London, along with Simón Bolívar and Luis López Méndez, as a representative of the movement of the independence of his country. He collaborated with La Gazeta de Caracas, El Censor Americano, La Biblioteca Americana, El Araucano and El Repertorio Americano. He moved to Valparaíso on June, 1829. He lived the rest of his life in Chile, where he was called to organize public education. In 1832 he was granted the Chilean nationality and in 1837 he was a Senator. He was also chancellor of the new University of Chile. He wrote the Chilean Civil Code (1855), and "Tratado del derecho de gentes" (1832), one of the oldest treaties in International law. He wrote: "Gramática de la lengua castellana" (1847) and "Ortología y Métrica" (1835). As a poet he wrote "Alocución a la poesía" and "La agricultura de la zona tórrida", known as Silvas Americanas. In 1851 he was named honorary member of the "Real Academia Española"


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Legislators in  Chile

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College presidents in  Chile



Caracas (Distrito Capital, Venezuela) between 1781 and 1810


London (England, United Kingdom) between 1810 and 1829


Chile between 1829 and 1865

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Santiago (Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile) in 1865-10-15




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