Tadeo de Calomarde
Person - Calomarde, Francisco Tadeo (1773-1843)

Calomarde, Francisco Tadeo (1773-1843)




Preferred form:

Calomarde, Francisco Tadeo (1773-1843)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Villel (Teruel, España)  1773 - 1843


Spanish politician who was born in Villena (Teruel). He studied Humanities Language in the University of Zaragoza, later becoming lawyer in the Court of Zaragoza. He entered the court thanks to doctor Antonio Beltrán Godoy, whose daughter Juana married him, although he abandoned her after the prime minister fell. During the Peninsular War, Calomadre was against the French invasion and the liberalism of the Cádiz Cortes.

Afterwards, with Frdinand VII restoration, he held the position of assistant secretary of the Ministry of Justice. Besides, in 1823, he was designated secretary of the Regency created after the entry of the Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis and, since 1824, he was Minister of Justice. His government stood out for his educational laws (Plan General de Estudios del Reino) that removed the reforms carried out by the Liberal Triennium. He had an important role in the repression of the Revuelta de los Agraviados in 1827. During the succession crisis, he was an active supporter of Carlos María Isidro, the king's brother, which is why he was imprisoned. He exiled to France, where he spent his last years of life.

Ominous Decade, 1823-1833

Date of the event: 1823 - 1833



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Villel (Teruel, España) in 1773

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