Luisa González Rodríguez
Person - González Rodríguez, María Luisa (1900-1998)

González Rodríguez, María Luisa (1900-1998)




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González Rodríguez, María Luisa (1900-1998)

Fechas de existencia:

Medina de Pomar (Burgos, España)  1900-08-24 - 1998


She was a Spanish librarian and professor. She studied Philosophy and Literature at the University of Salamanca like her sister Ernestina and Miguel de Unamuno was their professor. Both of the them moved to Madrid to give the public examination to join the Corps of Archivists, Librarians and Archeologists and both of the sisters would succeed in 1921, Ernestina, and in 1922, María Luisa respectively. In Madrid, they lived in the ¿Residencia de Señoritas¿ and in the ¿Instituto Internacional¿, where they had direct contact with members of the Generation of 27 like, for instance, Juan Vicéns de la Llave who married María Luisa in 1928. Starting from this year, husband and wife lived in Majorca, Paris and Madrid and they kept in touch with Federico García Lorca. Due to her involvement with "Cultura Popular".

National Spanish Committee in charge of coordinating the cultural activity of the organizations and parties forming the Spanish Popular Front during the Spanish Revolution of 1936

, her marriage collapsed at the end of the War, like Ernestina's. María Luisa fled in URSS and Juan Vicéns in Mexico. In Mexico, she intensively worked as a Spanish teacher in Krasnovídovo, Stalingrado y Bashkiria and she held a Spanish university chair at the "Instituto de Relaciones Exteriores"

Institute of Foreign Relationships

. In 1951, she created a chair in Spanish Literature at the University of Moscow. In 1951, precisely in Moscow, she met her husband again and they left to go to China in order to help creating radio stations, editorials and to teach Spanish in Beijing, where Juan died in 1959. María Luisa went back to Spain in 1977 and she stayed there until her death.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939



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Medina de Pomar (Burgos, España) in 1900-08-24




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AGA: Expediente personal de Juan Vicéns de la Llave. Signatura: AGA, Caja 42/05073, exp. 7.

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