Person - Salmerón, Diego de (XV-1519)

Salmerón, Diego de (XV-1519)




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Salmerón, Diego de (XV-1519)Other forms

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Madrid (España)  XV - 1519-02-28


Diego de Salmerón was a Spanish civil servant, prosecutor, and archivist. He is considered the first royal archivist of the Crown of Castile for being the first holder of the royal writings of the Crown of Castile in 1509. His brother was Juan de Salmerón, scribe of the Council. He was Mayor of León province of the Order of Santiago (1502) and representative of the assistant of Seville (1507). In Guadalajara he judged issues related to the occupation of lands and places belonging to the councils. He also was public prosecutor of the Royal Council (1508).

Salmerón was appointed holder of the royal writings of the Crown of Castile by a Royal Provision issued on 23 June 1509 and performed his office from his appointment until his death ten years later. He continuously received his annual salary of one hundred thousand maravedís (old Spanish coin), just as it was reflected in his "expediente de quitaciones" from the Court of the Treasury Accounting Office. However, he did not exercise that office with exclusive dedication, due to the fact in that period he also appears signing different documents as a lawyer linked to the Treasury Accounting Office.

Upon his death, by Royal Provision issued on 14 March 1519 King Charles I appointed his son‑in‑law, the lawyer Francisco Galindo, holder of the archive of the royal writings. Galindo, who was also a jurist, succeeded Salmerón with the same salary in the position of holder. He held this position until he was appointed lawyer of the Treasury Accounting Office in 1526.


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(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:


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Alcaldes mayores


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Madrid (España) in XV




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