Person - Arango Parreño, Francisco de (1765-1837)

Arango Parreño, Francisco de (1765-1837)




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Arango Parreño, Francisco de (1765-1837)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

La Habana  1764-01-03 - La Habana  1837-03-21


He was a Cuban lawyer and politician. He was born to Manuel Ciriaco Arango and Julia Parreño. After studying a Bachelor of Arts at the Colegio de San Carlos, he got a Law degree from the University of San Jerónimo. When he traveled to Madrid in 1787 he began a long and prolific career focused on obtaining fiscal and commercial privileges for the Island of Cuba, which contributed significantly to its growth during the last years of the eighteenth century. In court he was part of the Royal Academy of National and Common Law of Santa Barbara and was appointed as the attorney of the city of Havana. In 1789 he obtained the degree of lawyer from the Royal Councils of Castile and Indies. By this time he got a sugar mill. During the period of the Cortes of 1812 (parliament) and, despite being much voted, he did not get a representative position, although he managed to be in charge of drafting the defense of Havana interests. He became the Government Representative of Havana in the Cortes of 1813. He remained at the Iberian Peninsula until 1817, period in which he was appointed General of the military legal corps of the Council of the Indies after his reestablishment in 1814. Upon his return to Havana he continued to defend free trade as the way of progress for the island and adopted a critical stance with slavery. He was always a supporter of the "Spanishness" of Cuba and opposed his independence in 1821; nevertheless, around 1825 he also showed how it was a necessity to recognize the new Spanish-American republics as countries arising from the independence processes.

In 1834 he was granted the title of Marquis of Gratitude which he refused. He married Maria Rita de Quesada Vial, daughter of the Counts of Donadio, and had four children.

Cortes de Cádiz, 1810-1813

Date of the event: 1810 - 1813

Cortes ordinarias, 1813-1814

Date of the event: 1813 - 1814



Lugar de Nacimiento:

La Habana in 1764-01-03

Lugar de Defunción:

La Habana in 1837-03-21


Diccionario biográfico de parlamentarios españoles. 1, Cortes de Cádiz, 1810-1814 [Madrid]: Cortes Generales, Servicios de Publicaciones. 1 disco (CD-ROM). 978-84-7943-386-4 .

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