Person - Anduaga Siles, Joaquín de (1783-1840)

Anduaga Siles, Joaquín de (1783-1840)




Preferred form:

Anduaga Siles, Joaquín de (1783-1840)

Fechas de existencia:

Madrid (España)  1783-11-28 - 1840-07-28


Diplomatic. Son of José Julián de Anduaga y Garimberti, who was secretary of the Council of State, senior officer of the first Secretariat of the Office, minister of Spain in England and in the Batavian Republic. He was trained with his father, whom he followed in these last two positions.

He successively held the posts of secretary for the interim of the Spanish legation in The Hague (1799), that of attaché of the same embassy (April 12, 1802, to November 30, 1802) and that of attaché of the Embassy of Spain in London (November 30, 1802, to March 23, 1805).

As a result of the alliance between France and Spain (January 1805), by which the latter promised to place its fleet at Napoleon's disposal in his fight against England, there is a break in relations with this country, so Joaquín de Anduaga after taking his mother to Spain, he went to Saint Petersburg -in commission- as secretary of the Spanish legation in Russia (March 23, 1805, to December 28, 1807).

In December 1807, he arrived in Vienna to occupy the post of official of the secretariat of the Embassy of Spain, which he had previously owned (March 1, 1805). Commissioned as Secretary of the Spanish Embassy in Holland (April 4, 1808, to August 1808), he went to England upon learning of the invasion of Spain by France. He initially served as the provisional representation of the national government in London, carrying out on his behalf in 1809 several commissions in Russia, before occupying the secretariat of his legation in Vienna (February 25, 1809 - June 1809).

In 1812, he had returned to Cádiz, where he assumed the captaincy of the urban militias. Official of the first Secretary of State (February 15, 1815), Fernando VII made him knight of the Order of Carlos III (May 6, 1815) and treasurer of the American Royal Order of Isabel la Católica (1817). The constitutional government made him king of arms of the Golden Fleece (1821) and senior officer of the first Office of the Secretary (April 14, 1821).

As such, he served for a few days as the interim of the first Office Secretary (March 2, 1821, to April 23, 1821). Minister of Spain in the United States of America (April 28, 1821, to March 7, 1822), took office on October 11, 1821. Honorary Councillor of State (1822), Minister of Spain in Savoy (March 5, 1826), in Brussels (October 26, 1826, to October 31, 1830), again assumed, after a brief fall from grace, the representation of Spain in Turin (May 30, 1831, to August 20, 1831). He was then declared unemployed for removal from his position for financial reasons.

Liberal Triennium, 1820-1823

Date of the event: 1820 - 1823



Lugar de Residencia:

Inglaterra (Reino Unido)

Lugar de Residencia:

Estados Unidos

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Madrid (España) in 1783-11-28





Gil Novales, Alberto. Diccionario biográfico de España (1808-1833): de los orígenes del liberalismo a la reacción absolutista. [Versión en línea]. Alberto Gil Novales. Madrid: Fundación Mapfre. 3 v. (3406 p.). 978-84-9844-236-6.

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Anduaga Cuenca, María Josefa de (1782-?)  - Collateral (Es hermano/a de)

Curtoys Hunt, Guillermo (1754-1826)  - Collateral (Es cuñado/a de)

Anduaga Garimberti, José de (1751-1822)  - Descendant (Es hijo/a de)

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Embajada de España en Londres (Reino Unido)  ( Es empleado en/trabaja en )

Associative relations :

Orden de Carlos III  ( Es miembro de; Caballero )

Orden de Isabel la Católica (España)  ( Es miembro de; Tesorero )

Orden del Toisón de Oro  ( Es miembro de; Rey de armas )

Secretaría de Estado y del Despacho de Estado (España)  ( Es titular de/ es beneficiario de/ es el presidente de; Interino )

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