Person - Badía, Conchita (1897-1975)

Badía, Conchita (1897-1975)




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Badía, Conchita (1897-1975)Alternative forms (other languages) Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Barcelona (España)  1897-11-14 - Barcelona (España)  1975-05-02


Spanish soprano and singing teacher. She was born on November 14 of 1897 in Barcelona and died on May 2 of 1975 in the same city. She studied music theory, piano and harmony at the Granados Academy with Domènec Mas i Serracant, Frank Marshall, and none other than Enrique Granados. In addition, she was extraordinary prize and piano teacher of the same. She studied singing at the Liceo Conservatory with Ramón Guitart and Rosa Culmell. She debuted in 1913 in Wagner's "Parsifal" and first performed in 1915 "Canciones amatorias" by Granados, being his favourite student.

She was a great spokesperson and promoter of Spanish music. She specialized in lieder and gained recognition due to this genre from musicians such as Pau Casals, Amadeo Vives, Enric Morera, Roberto Gerhard, and Manuel de Falla. She had a great friendship with the last one, and included in her repertoire works such as "Siete canciones populares españolas", the character of Trujamán from "El retablo de maese Pedro", or "Phyché". In the 1930s she increased her activity as a soloist throughout Europe and achieved great success. She married Ricardo Agustí, with whom she had three daughters. In 1937 she went into exile in Argentina, where she succeeded as an performer. There, she met again with Falla and Jaume Pahissa. In 1947 she returned to Barcelona, ​​where she taught singing at the Conservatorio Municipal, and studied with Montserrat Caballé. That same year she performed for the first time at the Palau de la Música Catalana the work "La rosa als llavis" by Eduardo Toldrá, which was dedicated to the soprano. She was also a great teacher, teaching courses in Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Salzburg, Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela.


El fondo personal de Conchita Badía se conserva en la Biblioteca de Catalunya, que guarda documentación personal, partituras y monografías, además de documentos sonoros y audiovisuales.



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Barcelona (España) in 1897-11-14

Lugar de Defunción:

Barcelona (España) in 1975-05-02




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Family relationships :

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