Nieves Alonso-Cortés
Person - Alonso-Cortés, María de las Nieves (1916-2014)

Alonso-Cortés, María de las Nieves (1916-2014)




Preferred form:

Alonso-Cortés, María de las Nieves (1916-2014)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Valladolid (España)  1916-08-05 - Valladolid (España)  2014-04-11


Spanish librarian and researcher. Daughter of Narciso Alonso Cortés and Victorina Fernández Vicario. She was a Doctor of Philosophy and Arts, specialising in History with her thesis entitled Dos monjas vallisoletanas poetisas (1944). He entered the Cuerpo Facultativo de Archiveros, Bibliotecarios y Arqueólogos in 1942 being the first of his year. He worked in several places during his professional life: the Public Library of Segovia, the Central University, and the University Library of Valladolid. In Central University, he was under the command of Javier Lasso de la Vega and collaborated in the transfer and organisation of the founds of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts. In the University Library of Valladolid, she worked as an expert until her promotion to the management position. She published various works, among them, the most remarkable ones are:

-Obras de literatura. Manuscritos, incunables, raros e impresos de los siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII (23-IV-1970) Catalogue, Edited by the University of Valladolid for the Book Day.

- Universidad de Valladolid. El "Beato" de su biblioteca. By the director Mª de las Nieves Alonso-Cortés. Valladolid, 1971

- Catálogo de manuscritos de la Biblioteca de Santa Cruz. Valladolid, 1976.

She was married to Lucas Calvo Díez, they had five children.


Acudió a investigar al AHN de Madrid en el año 1941.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Valladolid (España) in 1916-08-05

Lugar de Defunción:

Valladolid (España) in 2014-04-11








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Calvo Alonso-Cortés, Antonio  - Progenitor (Es madre de)

Calvo Alonso-Cortés, Blanca (1948-)  - Progenitor (Es madre de)

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