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Corporate Body - Embajada de España en Londres (Reino Unido)

Embajada de España en Londres (Reino Unido)



Corporate Body

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The second permanent Spanish representative abroad after the Holy See was England, with headquarters in London since 1489. Its origins date back to the mission entrusted to Rodrigo González de la Puebla, Juan de Sepúlveda and Diego de Guevara by the Catholic Monarchs, which involved arranging the marriage between Princess Catherine of Aragon and the Welsh Prince Arthur in 1487. González de Puebla represented his sovereigns in London between 1498 and 1508, and was granted the title of "resident ambassador". The diplomatic representation in London remains under the reign of Charles I and Philip II, up until the rupture of bilateral relationships between the two countries in the time span between 1584 and 1603. The enthronement of the junior Habsburg branches led to the restoration of bilateral relationships, which lasted until the next rupture in 1700 triggered by the Bourbon enthronement in Spain and the War of the Spanish Succession. Upon the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, the new Bourbon King Philip V reestablished the embassy in London. The Spanish Diplomatic Service springs up under the reign of Charles III; the positions of Secretaries in the embassy of Paris, Vienna, London and Rome are entrusted to the officials of the Secretary of the State.


The bilateral relations between Spain and United Kingdom were not severely disrupted in the 19th century, except for the dispute over Gibraltar, ceded to England by the Treaty of Utrecht. Throughout the 19th century, United Kingdom faced a number of events, which exerted a considerable influence on other European countries. Such events are illustrated in the documentary production of the Spanish embassy in London. Upon the downfall of Napoleon, United Kingdom embarks on the journey towards its continental hegemony, which forges the future of the English Colonial Empire of a maritime and commercial nature. The constitutional and democratic development of English political institutions will set an example to other European nations. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), England provided assistance (people, loads, ships, money, etc.) to the Republican cause with the Spanish Embassy acting as a mediator. As the War was progressing, Franco's government sent their own representative to London (labelled as an unofficial delegation in the documents), embodied by Duke of Alba Jacobo-James Stuart y Falcó, who will hold the position of ambassador after the dispute up until 1942.

Mandates/Legal Sources


Los Congresos de Viena (1815) y de Aquisgrán (1818) establecieron a nivel internacional la clasificación de los agentes diplomáticos permanentes en cuatro categorías: 1) Legados y nuncios del Papa y embajadores; 2) Enviados extraordinarios, ministros, plenipotenciarios e internuncios; 3) ministros residentes y 4) encargados de negocios.

A finales del siglo XIX, el Instituto de Derecho Internacional, reunido en Cambridge en 1895, votó un reglamento sobre las inmunidades diplomáticas, destacando el privilegio de la inviolabilidad extensivo a todas las clases de agentes diplomáticos.


PARES: Código Referencia:ES.37274.CDMH/2.16.42// Signaturas: INCORPORADOS,1508 a 1575

PARES: Código Referencia:ES.28005.AGA/

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Temporary relationships :

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