Person - Farnesio, Isabel de (1692-1766, reina consorte de España)

Farnesio, Isabel de (1692-1766, reina consorte de España)




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Farnesio, Isabel de (1692-1766, reina consorte de España)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Parma (Emilia-Romaña, Italia)  1692-10-25 - 1766-07-10


Elisabeth Farnese was daughter of Odoardo III, Duke of Parma, and wife of Philip V of Spain. His first son, Charles (1716-1788) would eventually be king of Naples and the Two Sicilies, and later king of Spain; Luis Antonio (1727-1785), appointed Cardinal and Archbishop of the Primate of Toledo; Maria Teresa (1726-1746), married to the Louis, Dauphin of France; Maria Victoria (1718-1781), married to the king of Portugal; Philip (1720-1765), Duke of Parma. Elisabeth Farnese (1692-1766), Queen of Spain, second wife of King Philip V. She was born on 25 October, in the Italian city of Parma. Nephew and heiress of the Duke of Parma, in 1714 married the king of Spain Philip V, thanks to the good efforts of abbé Giulio Alberoni. With a strong personality and a high level of education, she had a great influence on the monarch and actively intervened in the orientation of Italian politics, where she managed to place two of his sons: Charles as King of the Two Sicilies and Philip as Duke of Parma. However, Luis Antonio had to settle for being Cardinal and Archbishop of Toledo. When Philip V died (1746), the widow queen retired to the Royal Palace in La Granja (in the Segovian town of San Ildefonso) and remained there, far from power. When Ferdinand VI died in 1759 with no descendants, the Spanish Crown moved to Charles of Bourbon, as Charles III, King of Naples and son of Elisabeth Farnese, who returned to Madrid as Queen Governor. After the arrival of the royal family in Madrid, the Queen mother, who did not get on well with Queen Maria Amalia of Saxony (wife of Charles III), remain in court. Later, she retired again to the Royal Site of La Granja de San Ildefonso, where she died on July 10, 1766, being buried, along with the remains of her late husband Philip V, in the mausoleum located in the Royal Collegiate of the Holy Trinity, in the so-called Hall of Relics of the aforementioned Royal Site.


Reinas Regentes in  Spain between 1759 and 1759-08-10


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Parma (Emilia-Romaña, Italia) in 1692-10-25

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Aranjuez (Madrid, España) in 1766-07-10


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Borbón Farnesio, Luis Antonio de (1727-1785, infante de España)  - Progenitor (She is the mother of)

Borbón Farnesio, María Antonia Fernanda de (1729-1785, infanta de España)  - Progenitor (She is the mother of)

Borbón Farnesio, María Teresa Rafaela de (1726-1746, infanta de España)  - Progenitor (She is the mother of)

Borbón Farnesio, Mariana Victoria de (1718-1781, infanta de España)  - Progenitor (She is the mother of)

Borbón Vallabriga, Luis María de (1777-1823)  - Progenitor (He/She is the grandfather/grandmother of)

Carlos III (1716-1788, rey de España)  - Progenitor (He is the father of)

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