Luis María de Borbón, cardenal
Person - Borbón Vallabriga, Luis María de (1777-1823)

Borbón Vallabriga, Luis María de (1777-1823)




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Borbón Vallabriga, Luis María de (1777-1823)Other forms

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Cadalso de los Vidrios (Madrid, España)  1777-05-22 - 1823-03-19


Spanish bishop of Seville, Toledo and cardinal. Son of Infante Luis Antonio de Borbón and María Teresa Vallabriga Rozas, Counts of Chinchón. Grandson of Philip V. He spent the whole childhood in Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila) where he received an erudite education from his teacher Estanislao de Lugo and from the musician Luigi Boccherini.

The King Charles IV wanted him to be educated by the cardinal Lorenzana, and that is why he spent his student life at the archbishop's palace, where he learned different types of subjects such as natural science or foreign languages. Luis María received his first tonsure at the age of 15, becoming the archdeacon of Talavera.

In 1794, he received the PhD in Law at the Universidad of Toledo. That same year he received the heritage of the county of Chinchón, nobelity title that he transferred to his sister, Maria Teresa Borbón Vallagriga, who would marry Manuel Godoy.

Later on, with the help of the Spanish court, he soon became the Bishop of Seville, then Cardinal at the Holy Roman Church and finally, the Archbishop of Toledo. He was elected State Counselor not long after the approval of the Constitution of 1812. After that, he was appointed as president of the Regency. During the Trienio Liberal (Liberal Triennium), his relationship with the State was a polite one, although there were controversies from time to time. At the beginning of the 1823 he got ill of gout, a disease that caused his death on 19 March 1823, being only 45 years old. Luis María is buried in the sacristy of the Cathedral of Toledo.

Liberal Triennium, 1820-1823

Date of the event: 1820 - 1823




Lugar de Nacimiento:

Cadalso de los Vidrios (Madrid, España) in 1777-05-22

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Madrid (España) in 1823-03-19





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