Person - Borbón, Francisco de Asís (1822-1902, rey consorte de España)

Borbón, Francisco de Asís (1822-1902, rey consorte de España)




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Borbón, Francisco de Asís (1822-1902, rey consorte de España)Other forms

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Aranjuez (Madrid, España)  1822-05-13 - Épinay-sur-Seine (Sena-San Denís, Francia)  1902-04-17


His parents were Francisco de Paula and Luisa Carlotta of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. He was Duke of Cadiz until his marriage. Born in Aranjuez in 1822 and died in France in 1902. He was King Consort of Spain (1846-1868) and husband of Queen Isabella II of Spain. Son of the Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain, brother of Isabella's father, King Ferdinand VII, and Luisa Carlotta of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. The marriage to her cousin (October 1846) was unsuccessful for various reasons. On the same day he received the dignity of King and the treatment of Majesty, as well as the rank of general captain of the armies. He did not resign himself to his role as consort and gathered around him a clique of intriguers who, without reaching power, notably discredited and obstructed the country's government. Under the influence of the supposed mystical Sister Patrocinio, a swindler popularly known as "the nun with the wounds", the King and the Queen destroyed the cabinet of Ramón María Narváez in 1849. The change of government proposed by Francisco de Asís (with Serafín María de Sotto -Count of Cleonard- in charge) was not accepted by the Army, which threatened to overthrow it immediately. Francisco de Asís de Borbón retired to Aranjuez and, although he continued to scheme even with the Carlists, his figure was blurred until he had to go into exile in France with the rest of the royal family at the beginning of the Sexenio Democrático in 1868 and the consequent overthrow of Isabella II. There, he acquired property in Épinay-sur-Meuse, where after his divorce he remained until her death (1902). Alfonso XII, son of Francis and Isabella, born in 1857 and ascended to throne in 1875, which meant the return of the House of Bourbon to Spain. The couple had ten children. But only five reached adulthood: Alfonso XII and the Infantas María Isabel, María del Pilar, María de la Paz, and María Eulalia.

Internal Structure-Genealogy:

Hijo de Francisco de Paula de Borbón y de Luisa Carlota de Borbón - Dos Sicilias.


Madrid (España) in 1846-10-10 Obs.:  Lugar de matrimonio

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Aranjuez (Madrid, España) in 1822-05-13

Lugar de Defunción:

Épinay-sur-Seine (Sena-San Denís, Francia) in 1902-04-17





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