Ramón del Valle Inclán
Person - Valle-Inclán, Ramón del (1866-1936)

Valle-Inclán, Ramón del (1866-1936)




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Valle-Inclán, Ramón del (1866-1936)Other forms

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Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra, España)  1866-10-28 - Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña, España)  1936-01-05


Ramón del Valle-Inclán (Villanueva de Arosa, October 28, 1866 - Santiago de Compostela, January 5, 1936) , but his real name was Ramón Valle Peña.

He was a novelist, poet and Spanish dramatic author. He was part of the literary movement known as Modernism in Spain. He was close, in his last works, to the so-called Generation of ‘98. He is considered one of the key authors of the Spanish literature of the 20th century.

After the death of his father and abandon his law studies, he went to Mexico where he spent almost a year as a journalist and signing for the first time his writings as Ramón del Valle-Inclán.

Once he was back in Spain, he settled in Pontevedra and published several short stories and his first book, “Femeninas” (1895). He traveled to Madrid, where he met writers such as Azorín, Pío Baroja and Jacinto Benavente. He decided to devote himself exclusively to literature and refused to write for the press because he wanted to safeguard his independence and his style.

In 1907, Valle-Inclán married with the actress Josefina Blanco and, between 1909 and 1911, joined the Carlism movement.

Despite his theatrical failures, in 1916 he was already considered a writer of prestige and authority in painting and aesthetics. So the Ministry of Public Instruction and Fine Arts appointed him Head of a new Professor of aesthetics at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid.

The Decade of 20s meant his definitive consecration as a writer and an ideological rethinking that put him closer to anarchism. When, in April 1931, the second Republic was proclaimed, the writer supported it enthusiastically. The following year, he was appointed Conservator General of the Artistic Heritage by Manuel Azaña, charge he resigned in 1932.

In 1933, he was appointed Director of the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, city in which he lived during a year. He made sick, so he returned to Spain where he died.





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Lugar de Nacimiento:

Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra, España) in 1866-10-28

Lugar de Defunción:

Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña, España) in 1936-01-05

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