Corporate Body - Ministerio de Estado (España, 1936-1939)

Ministerio de Estado (España, 1936-1939)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Ministerio de Estado (España, 1936-1939)

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1936 to 1939-03-05


Upon the outbreak of the war, the Ministry of the State was relocated to Valencia in November, 1936. Two years after, in October 1938, the headquarters of the Ministry were relocated again, this time to Barcelona. By Circular Order Nº1722 issued on the 10th April 1937, the services of the Ministry of the State were reorganized into two main departments: a Sub-Secretariat, highly political in nature, and General Secretariat of a technical nature. Thereafter, the ministerial organization will be as follows: SUB-SECRETARIAT - POLITICAL AND DIPLOMATIC CABINET. 1- Opening and Closure of Diplomatic Bags. 2- Department of Figures. 3- Restricted Data Files. 4- Archive of the Department of Diplomatic Information. 5- Counsel's Office. GENERAL SECRETARIAT 1- Department of Foreign Affairs. 2- Ministry 3- Technical and Administrative Services - General Archive - Personnel - Judicial Affairs. As part of the Sub-Secretariat and the Political and Diplomatic Cabinet, the Classified Archive held restricted data files from Spain's diplomatic and consular missions abroad. The Department of Special Diplomatic Information was led by Anselmo Carreter, and it was entrusted the coordination and administration of information services, namely, the espionage and counterespionage ring, which sparked off prior to the 1938 reorganization. These services were operative in the strategically-chosen embassies and consulates, such as Hendaya, Marseille in the south of France or the Information Service of Prague created by Jiménez de Asúa, in order to gather data from Central Europe. In view of the Ministry's relocation to Valencia and then to Barcelona, a single Department remained in Madrid. It mailny served as the direct liaison with the Madrid-based diplomatic representations accredited in Spain; such liaison would have been impossible otherwise. It is the so-called DEPARTMENT OF THE MINISTRY OF THE STATE IN MADRID. The DEPARTMENT OF POLITICS AND FOREIGN TRADE was created by Decree issued on the 1st October, 1935. Therefore, its creation is prior to the reorganization of April, 1937 (Gazette nº 282, 01/10/1935). Such Decree lays down the abolition of the Directorate of Politics and Foreign Trade, and the Administration Directorate, which will become reliant upon two plenipotentiary ministers or consul-generals dependent on the Sub-Secretariat. In particular, the Services of Politics and Foreign Trade rely on the following departments: Department of European Politics and Trade, Department of the Overseas Territories, Department of Asia and Africa, Department of the League of Nations, Department of Cultural Relationships, Department of Waqf and Department of Press. The SUBSECRETARIAT OF PROPAGANDA was created by decree issued on the 28th May, 1937 (Gazette nº 148, 05/28/1937). Such decree established the reorganization of all the propaganda services ascribed to the now defunct Ministry of Propaganda, up until the Decree of 17 May 1938. (Gazette nº 140, 05/20/1937). The NATIONAL COUNCIL OF DEFENSE was set up on the 5th March 1939, and the powers of the former Ministry of the State on the republican side were entrusted to the COUNCIL OF THE STATE, chaired by Julián Besteiro. It is thus an institution independent from the Ministry of the State, which in turn takes over its powers for a brief time span between the date of its creation, namely, the 5th March, and the end of that month.

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- Apertura y Cierre de Valijas

- Oficina de Cifra y Claves

- Archivo Reservado

- Archivo de la Sección de Información Diplomática (SIDE)

- Asesoría Jurídica


- Oficina de Asuntos Generales Exteriores

- Cancillería

- Servicios Técnicos y Administrativos



- Sección de Europa



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Foreign polity

(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:


Mandates/Legal Sources


- Decreto de 28 de septiembre de 1935 (Presidencia y Hacienda), Ministerios, supresión y modificación de servicios (Gaceta 29/09/1935)

- Decreto de 1 de octubre de 1935 (Gaceta nº 282, 1/10/1935).

- Decreto de 31 de diciembre de 1935 (Estado) Ministerio de Estado. Jefes de Política y Comercio (Gaceta de Madrid, 15/01/1936)

- Orden Circular nº 1722 de 10 de abril de 1937

- Decreto de 21 de julio de 1936 (Gaceta de Madrid nº 204, 22/07/1936)

- Decreto de 10 de octubre de 1936 (Gaceta de Madrid nº 285, 11/10/1936)

- Decreto de 17 de mayo de 1937 (Gaceta de la República nº 140, 20/05/1937)

- Decreto de 27 de mayo de 1937 (Gaceta de la República nº 148, 128/05/1937)

- Decreto de 12 de agosto de 1937 (Gaceta de la Repúblicanº 225, 13/08/1937)

- Decreto de 5 de marzo de 1939 (Gaceta de la República nº 65, 13/03/1939)

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