Person - Cukor, George (1899-1983)

Cukor, George (1899-1983)




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Cukor, George (1899-1983)Other forms

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New York  1899-07-07 - 1983-01-24


US film director. He started to work in Broadway in 1927, and two years later, he started in Hollywood. Cukor created the "sophisticated comedy", in which actresses played a high important role. In 1939, he premiered his film "The Women" without any man in the cast. The same year he was replaced as the director of "Gone with the Wind" due to disagreements with its producer David O.Selznick. Cukor filmed one of his great successes: "The Philadelphia Story" in 1940 with Katherine Hepburn (1907-2003). Later on, he filmed several films with Judy Holliday (1921-1965). In 1966, Cukor won an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Directors Guild of America Award for "My fair lady" (1966). In 1975, he won the Emmy for best director in Special Class Program Drama or Comedy for "Love Among the Ruins" (1975). Some other Cukor's well-known films as a director are "Wild is the Wind" (1957), "The Chapman Report" (1962) and "The Blue Bird" (1976).


Profession (carried on by):

Film directors


Lugar de Nacimiento:

New York in 1899-07-07

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Los Ángeles (California, Estados Unidos) in 1983-01-24




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