Corporate Body - Tribunal Nacional de Responsabilidades Políticas (España)

Tribunal Nacional de Responsabilidades Políticas (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Tribunal Nacional de Responsabilidades Políticas (España)

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1939-02-09 to 1945-04-13


Upon the national army¿s arrival in Barcelona, the provisional capital of the Republic and the inevitable collapse of Catalonia, General Franco issued the Law of Political Responsibilities (9 February 1939), which laid down the creation of a special jurisdiction that bore the same name, i.e. the Court of Political Responsibilities. Such jurisdiction was devoted to the prosecution of legal and natural persons who, between 1 October 1934 and 18 July 1936, had contributed, by phase of legal procedure for the rebels, to the creation of a social and political environment that encouraged the putsch of 18 July, and since that date to all persons that challenged the rebels, be it actively or passively. By endorsing the decree Nº 108 of the Board of National Defense and the foregoing complementary legislation, all member parties of the Popular Front, separatist organizations, as well as their fellow supporters were outlawed and, thus, subjected to Political Responsibility. The National Court of Political Responsibilities was reliant upon the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for the coordination of all ministerial departments. Such court, whose status was comparable to that of the Territorial Audiencia Courts, was staffed by a president, two generals of the Army or the Armada, two national councilors of the Traditionalist Spanish Phalanx of the Committees of the National Syndicalist Offensive, and two magistrates. All members were to be freely appointed by the Government. (Article 19) The functions of the National Court of Political Responsibilities (Article 20) were to clarify the powers of the regional courts, to disclose the cases for final resolution, to fully or partially declare null and void indictments in the case file, to carry out duties of judicial inspection, to put forward the creation of regional courts and courtrooms, and to contribute to the appointment of subordinate staff. The Court¿s headquarters were located in San Mateo Street in Madrid between 7 and 9 February 1941, and relocated to 64 Avenida del Generalísimo, present-day Paseo de la Castellana (The Castillian¿s Mall).

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939

Primer franquismo, 1939-1959

Date of the event: 1939 - 1959


Mandates/Legal Sources


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