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Person - Altamira, Rafael (1866-1951)

Altamira, Rafael (1866-1951)




Preferred form:

Altamira, Rafael (1866-1951)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Alicante (España)  1866-02-10 - 1951-06-01


He was a historian, lawyer, law specialist, professor of Spanish Law at the University of Oviedo and, professor of Civil and Political Institutions of America at the Universidad Central in Madrid, where he was dean of the Faculty of Law.

He was the son of José Altamira Moreno, who was a military musician from Murcia and belonged to the Conservative Party, and Rafaela Crevea Cortés. He got married to Pilar Redondo in San Isidro el Real (Oviedo) the 19th of June in 1899. They had three children: Rafael, Pilar and Nela (Juana) Altamira Redondo.

He worked as a senator and judge at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. He was nominated twice to receive the Nobel Peace Prize (1933 and 1951). Javier Malagón described him has a man “full of humanity, kindness and understanding for others. As a lecturer he was an indefatigable and guiding worker. He was a jurist of a clear vision with an untouchable integrity and, as a historian, he knew how to see and understand the events of the past with a real sense and a very intelligent approach”.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939



(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:


(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Alicante (España) in 1866-02-10

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Ciudad de México (México) in 1951-06-01




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See successors

Azcárate, Gumersindo de (1840-1917)  ( He/She is apprentice/student/employee of; Dirigió su tesis de doctorado titulada, Historia de la propiedad comunal. )

Associative relations :

Gómez Orbaneja, Emilio (1904-1996)  ( He/She is the tutor/teacher/boss of; Tiene como profesor en la Universidad Central de Madrid a Rafael Altamira. )

Ibarra Rodríguez, Eduardo (1866-1944)  ( He/She/It collaborated with )

Institución Libre de Enseñanza (Madrid, España)  ( He/She is a member of )

Manzano Manzano, Juan (1911-2004)  ( He/She is the tutor/teacher/boss of )

Orúe Arregui, José Ramón de (1894-1953)  ( Es amigo de Rafael Altamira )

Soler Pérez, Eduardo (1845-1907)  ( He/She is apprentice/student/employee of )

Universidad Central. Facultad de Derecho (Madrid, España)  ( He/She is a member of; Catedrático de Instituciones Políticas y Civiles de América en la Universidad Central de Madrid. Decano en 1931 )

Universidad de Oviedo (Asturias, España)  ( He/She works for; Catedrático de Historia del Derecho Español )


Producer of:

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