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Person - Espoz y Mina, Francisco (1781-1836)

Espoz y Mina, Francisco (1781-1836)




Preferred form:

Espoz y Mina, Francisco (1781-1836)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Idocin (Ibargoiti, Navarra, España)  1781-06-17 - 1836-12-14


Francisco Espoz y Mina (Idocin, Spain, June 17, 1781 - Barcelona, December 14, 1836). He was a Navarrese soldier and a famous guerrilla in the war of Spanish independence of 1808-1814. First, he was under the orders of the guerrilla forces commanded by his nephew Javier Mina and when Mina was taken as a prisoner, he took the power. Thus, between 1810 and 1813, he conducted raids in Castile, Aragon, Navarre and Guipúzcoa, while the French armies of Napoleon could not cope them. He led a conspiracy in Pamplona (1814) to proclaim the Constitution of Cádiz of 1812 but he failed and had to take refuge in France. With the triumph of the liberal uprising of General Rafael del Riego (1784-1823) in 1820, he returned to Navarre and proclaimed the Constitution of Cádiz, being appointed Captain General of Navarre and Catalonia. In 1822, in the fight between absolutists and liberals during the Liberal Triennium, he was sent to Catalonia, where he conducted a military campaign defeating the absolutist side. As a result, he was promoted to Lieutenant General and awarded with the Cross of San Fernando. In 1823, he was one of the few Generals who faced Luis Antonio de Borbón (1775-1844), Duke of Angoulême, when he entered in Spain in charge of the "Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis" to restore King Ferdinand VII (1784-1833) to the throne. He had to surrender in November, went to England and finally he settled in Paris. With the start of the first Carlist War, the Queen Regent María Christina de Borbón (1806-1878) decreed an amnesty in 1833 and favored Espoz y Mina, who returned to Spain recovering his military graduation. He was appointed viceroy of Navarre (1834-1836) and the high command of the fight in the North against the Carlists was given to him. In October 1835, Juan Álvarez Mendizábal (1790-1853) Government appointed him Captain General of Catalonia (1835-1836) ordering him to complete the last Carlist parties in the area. Later, he died in Barcelona in December 1836.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Idocin (Ibargoiti, Navarra, España) in 1781-06-17




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