Consuelo Gutiérrez del Arroyo y González
Person - Gutiérrez del Arroyo, Consuelo (1910-2005)

Gutiérrez del Arroyo, Consuelo (1910-2005)




Preferred form:

Gutiérrez del Arroyo, Consuelo (1910-2005)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Madrid (España)  1910-01-14 - Madrid (España)  2005-06-02


She was a Spanish archivist. She studied at The Free Educational Institution (ILE) and at the Central University of Madrid, where she graduated in Philosophy and Arts, History section, on August 30th, 1933. She was schoolmate and friend of Josefa Callao and Carmen Caamaño and she received the same education as them. She was one of Claudio Sánchez Albornoz¿s students and she assisted Agustín Millares Carlo in his practical classes. Moreover, before finishing her degree she became part of the team ruled by Sánchez Albornoz in the Center for Historical Studies. Between 1931 and 1936, she received a scholarship from the department of History of Medieval Institution of the Center for Historical Studies. After the creation of the Institute of Medieval Studies, she worked together with María Brey, María Teresa Casares y Carmen Caamaño in the department in charge of collecting documents related to this historical period. In June 1933, she started her career as temporary employee of the Spanish National Library, but shortly after she was transferred to the National Historical Archive. In February 1935, she joined the Corps of Archivists, Librarians and Archeologists and she was assigned to the Regional Archive of Galicia, but she did not wait too long to apply for a voluntary leave in order to keep working at the Center for Historical Studies of Madrid. She went back on active duty on July11th, 1941 and she was temporarily assigned to the National Historical Archive. After a short period spent working in the Library of the Architecture School of Madrid, she was definitively assigned to the National Historical Archive on January 3rd 1942 and she worked there until she retired on February 14th 1980. Since she was bind to the ¿Residencia de Señoritas¿ and to the Spanish Association of University Women, Consuelo Gutiérrez del Arroyo González wrote a page in the history of the AHN, where she confirmed her commitment and


Entre los años 1958 y 1959 investigó en el Archivo Histórico Nacional (A.H.N.) de Madrid sobre Rodrigo Calderón, I conde de la Oliva de Plasencia , I marqués de Siete Iglesias y valido del duque de Lerma.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Madrid (España) in 1910-01-14

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 2005-06-02

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