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Corporate Body - Brigadas Internacionales (España)

Brigadas Internacionales (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Brigadas Internacionales (España)

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1936-09-01 to 1938-09-23


The International Brigades were military units composed of foreign volunteers from more than 50 countries that participated in the Spanish Civil War. The exact number of volunteers is unknown but it is known that there were more than 35,000. Neither the number of dead is known, although it is estimated that around 10,000 volunteers have lost their lives in the fields of Spain.

In October 1936, before the formation of the International Brigades, many volunteers came to enlist in different units of their ideological affinity (anarchist, socialist, communist, etc.) Some of them already resided in Spain either for studies, either exiled for political reason from countries with fascist or authoritarian governments, and those who had come to Barcelona to participate in the Olympics Popular on July 1936, the alternative to the Olympics that Hitler had organized in Berlin.

With these volunteers were formed the first groups such as Rakosi (Hungary), the Dombrowki (Polish), the centuries as Tom Mann (British), the Gastone Sozzi (Italian) or Thälmann (German. Many of these volunteers and units were later integrated in the International Brigades.

The idea of creating the International Brigades was brewing in the summer of 1936 from several parallel initiatives. The meeting of the Komintern held in Moscow on September 18, 1936 gave the approval to this proposal and the Communist parties pledged to recruit volunteers to fight alongside the Spanish Republicans. Recruiting international headquarters settled in Paris, from -where they sent volunteers in contact with the republican government transacting the necessary documentation for the recruit was organized. The first volunteers arrived on October 14, 1936.

The government of the Republic approved the formation of these units on October 22, 1936, when the advance of the insurrectionists on Madrid revealed the critical military situation of the Republic. From the beginning, international units were considered shock troops and were destined to conjure offensive or major offensive enemy operations. Rarely were they established as line troops to defend a sector of the front.

At the end of 1938, with the withdrawal of international troops, those who were still alive returned to their homes. However, at the end of the war they were accused of "supporters of the Soviet Union" and, during the Witch Hunt after the Second World War which pursued anyone suspected of being a sympathizer of Marxism, were considered a "danger" to national security.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939


Legal Statuses


Ministerio de Defensa Nacional. Orden Circular por la que se integran las Brigadas Internacionales dentro del Ejército Popular de la República. Valencia, 23 de septiembre de 1937. Diario Oficial del Ministerio de la Defensa Nacional. 27 de septiembre de 1937.

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Nelson, Steve (1903-1993)

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Nusser, Charles (1914-1993)

O' Malley, Thomas William (1914-2001)

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Wallach, Harry (1912-1999)

Warren, Alvin R. (1913-1997)

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Weiner, Milton Morris (1912-1991)

Wertmuller, Lina (1928-)

Whalen, Joseph Albert

Wheeler, William J. (1910-1998)

Wildegans, Gustave

Temporary relationships :

Campos Arteaga, José (1914-?)  - Contemporary

Hierarchical relationships :

Ejército Popular de la República (España)  - Child (Integrated by; Ministerio de Defensa Nacional. Orden Circular por la que se integran las Brigadas Internacionales dentro del Ejército Popular de la República. Valencia, 23 de septiembre de 1937. Diario Oficial del Ministerio de la Defensa Nacional. 27 de septiembre de 1937.)

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